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Lab Tests Lab Tests v1.0

Choose the list of tests to run (bloods, urine etc.) and have them grouped by Lab and container type.

PediResi - Pediatric Resident Helper.

climbdroid climbdroid v1.0.0

How many routes have you climbed? and your hardest sent route? What’s your average grade?

climbdroid will help you answer these questions, and keep track of all routes you have climbed. As detailed as you wish. It will also give you the option of having at hand the topos of the crags you usually visit, or find new ones.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any doubt or question, we’ll try to help you the best we can:

Daily Calorie Counter Daily Calorie Counter v1.0

A simple calorie counter app.

Glioma News Glioma News v1.0

HER2 News HER2 News v1.0

Lymphoma News Lymphoma News v1.0

Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama v1.0

Beden kitle indeksi yetişkin bir insanın kilosunun boyuna göre normal olup olmadığını gösteren bir parametredir. Bu uygulama ile beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirsiniz.

Medical News Medical News v1.0

Unofficial medical news app. Latest news and happenings in medicine and healthcare.

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Body IMC Body IMC v1.1.5

Adult BMI (IMC) Calculator.
Check you health state, amount of weight you to have to lose/gain and more !
This app is available in English, French and Portuguese.

Bp+Pulse Bp+Pulse v1.0

Will you blood pressure-and pulse values at a look. Always up-to-date, also months later still discoverably. Then you need Blood Pressure+Pulse Docu.

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama İdeal Kilo Hesaplama v1.1

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama uygulaması ile yetişkin bir insanın ideal kilosunun kaç olması gerektiğini ve beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirisiz.

myBMI myBMI v1.3

This is a very simple application for Android to calculate your BMI.