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Starlight Live Wallpaper Starlight Live Wallpaper v2.6

Hand-painted starlight vista by Anne Paetzke. Wispy clouds drift dreamily across a distant landscape while the silver moon glows in the twilight.

Summer Leaves Summer Leaves v4.0.0

Summer Leaves Live Wallpaper.

Some serious sleeping Some serious sleeping v1.0.0

Some Serious Sleeping is a Live Wallpaper of a cat that is sleeping.

ZZ Pop Live Wallpaper ZZ Pop Live Wallpaper v1.1.0

Fun! Addictive! Fight back the increasing onslaught of the walking dead!

No Smoking No Smoking v4.0.0

No Smoking Live Wallpaper.

Animated American Flag Animated American Flag v4.0.0

Animated American Flag Live Wallpaper.

Blood Cells Blood Cells v4.0.0

Blood Cells Live Wallpaper.

ALife Patterns ALife Patterns v1.0

Customize to personalize your pattern!

One Dime One Dime v4.0.0

One Dime Live Wallpaper.

Cloth Cloth v1.0

Simulates a piece of cloth as the background of your device. It is a 3D physics simulation that also reacts to touch and swipe.

Autumn Live Wallpaper Autumn Live Wallpaper v1.0.0

Autumn Leafs falling on dirt road backbround.

Green Globe Green Globe v4.0.0

Green Globe Live Wallpaper.

Gold Butterfly Gold Butterfly v4.0.0

Gold Butterfly Live Wallpaper.

Inside of the Virus Inside of the Virus v4.0.0

Inside of the Virus Live Wallpaper.

PlushCat Free PlushCat Free v1.0

Live Wallpapers. Plush Сat was lost and looking for a home.

Conway's Game of Life Free Conway's Game of Life Free v1.0

Beautiful patterns based on cellular automata

Funny Animals Live Wallpaper Funny Animals Live Wallpaper v1.5

Enjoy this funny live wallpaper in your android device!

Underwater World Underwater World v4.0.0

Underwater World Live Wallpaper.

Chinese Wheel of Fortune Chinese Wheel of Fortune v4.0.0

Chinese Wheel of Fortune Live Wallpaper.

Endless Conveyor Endless Conveyor v4.0.0

Endless Conveyor Live Wallpaper.