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Toss It Toss It v1.5.2

Toss It is simple: toss a ball of crumpled paper into a waste bin. Enjoy!

TheAvoiding TheAvoiding v2.5.1

You have to avoid all of the "Smileys" and collect points!
The game speed increase with your score!

+ Slowmotion
+ Ragemode
+ Bomb

Compare your Skill with the best via Scoreloop!

- Music by Dj Richwood
- Now 3 Gamemodes
(Quick, Normal and Endless game)
- New extrapoint system
- Bugfix

The Schwartz Unsheathed The Schwartz Unsheathed v1.3.0

Turn your phone into a Schwartzsabre!

* Touch sabre handle to engage/disengage
* Touch blade to change color
* Menu options include fullscreen view, Adjustable sensitivity, Customization of blade color, and Music Volume

May the Schwartz be with you!!

Mathinke Mathinke v1.0

Mathinke is a brain arithmetic game like a typical words game where you can build arithmetic solutions instead of words.
Train your brain and enhance your ability to find the solution hidden between the number and signs.

BowShooter Lite BowShooter Lite v0.5

Shoot the demons with arrows and protect the treasure. Features world score and multiple levels. Have fun!

SchottGunn SchottGunn v1.2.2

Turn your Android Phone into a
Pump Action Shotgun
You know it had to come to the Android sooner or later, and who better to bring it to Android phones than Scheff's Blend. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Ruger SR9 Ruger SR9 v1.1.3

Time to round out your Android Phone arsenal with a hand gun. Turn your phone into a Ruger-SR9, complete with a little kick-back, muzzle flash, and empty casings flying to the ground.


AK47 AK47 v1.2.1

SchottGunn just not enough for you? Well then how about loading up an AK-47 and really getting some!!!


Also try the Ruger SR-9 and SchottGunn from Scheff's Blend

slotmaniac slotmaniac v2.05

Slot Maniac is a fun game where you play slot for a living, you are given 300-800 free coin a day, you can level up to play more slot,

-You can buy cloth for your character
-You can buy furniture to decorate your house
-You can add friends and visit their house
-You can collect prize to increase daily coin
-You can collect gems to increase daily coin
-Up to 16 different machine
-You can kill ant in your home to earn coin

triviaRun triviaRun v1

Trivia Run - general knowledge trivia quiz game. Fast and exciting, Hours of pleasure!

Minesweeper For Android Minesweeper For Android v1.2.1

Minesweeper for Android is the best minesweeper clone for Android platform featuring nice UI and global highscores!

Balloon Popper Balloon Popper v1.3

You are a llama. A llama that hates balloons. Shoot those pesky bright cheerful colorful balloons out of the sky before you run out of loogie.

Lethal Racing Lethal Racing v3.0

Lethal Racing - The fun and addictive game where you wreak havoc with your car!

Mob Killer Mob Killer v1.2

Mob Killer - clean up the streets!

You are equipped with a new fantastic gun - the Mob Killer.

Peace Bringer Peace Bringer v1.4

Peace Bringer - bring peace and justice to rebel states!

Peggy Peggy v1.7

Peggy - The easy and accessible game where you drop balls on pegs on a game board to score points!

Ricochet Ricochet v2.1

Ricochet - The fun and addictive game where you put your triangulation and physics skills to the test!

Splat!: Bugs III Splat!: Bugs III v1.2

Try Splat!: Bugs III - time for revenge! The addictive and fun bugsquishin' sequel to Splat!: Bugs I & II!

Splat!: Bugs II Splat!: Bugs II v2.0

Try Splat!: Bugs II - the sequel to the addictive and fun bugsquishin' game for your phone: Splat!: Bugs!

Hnefatafl Hnefatafl v1.5

Hnefatafl - popularly known as 'The King's Table' - but the actual meaning is 'Table Grab' - a combination of the words 'Hnefa' which translates to '(to) Fist' and 'Tafl' which translates to 'Table'.