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Jungle Collapse 2 Jungle Collapse 2 v11

Jungle collapse 2 is a sequel to an addicting and extremely popular highscores puzzle block collapsing game Jungle Collapse! This time the game comes with a new gameplay mechanics, lots of bonuses and 4 game modes! Great fun for the whole family!

Strange Factory Strange Factory v1.2.1s

Are you looking for a fun and original game which challenge your memory, concentration and speed? ... And that is suitable for both kids and adults?

You've found it!... It's called "Strange Factory"

Bobs Christmas Story Bobs Christmas Story v1.1

Christmas puzzle game Room escape: Bob's Christmas is a wonderful Christmas adventure with lots of puzzles,
quests that little Deer must do as in most classic room escape games.

Math Squares Math Squares v1.0.0

A fun and addictive puzzle game that will train your brain.

GeoVoyager GeoVoyager v1.11

Fun game on knowledge of geography of our planet

Catch Me Rabbit Catch Me Rabbit v1.04

Catch Me Rabbit, a simple and classic logic game for everyone.
Rabbit stole many carrots, your mission is catching it with as few moves as possible.

Fruits Connect Fruits Connect v1.12

Fruits Connect is a very addictive connect lines puzzle game with nice game play!
Connect three or more same fruits to get points, try to connect as many as fruits and extra cell to get combos!

Memory Game Memory Game v1.1

The aim of the game is to find pairs of cards as soon as possible. Matching pairs of cards become invisible. The game is completed when all pairs of cards found.

Are you ready to test your memory?

The Game Features:
Game has three different difficulty levels. Easy, normal and hard.
Easy difficulty level consists of 3x4 matrix size.
Normal difficulty level consists of a 4x5 matrix size.
Hard difficulty level consists of 6x8 matrix size.

Diamonds Mine Diamonds Mine v3

Diamonds Mine is a casual highscores block collapsing game for the whole family!

Legor 5 Legor 5 v3

An award winning highscores puzzle game Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor, so you can create your own puzzles!

Android Balls Android Balls v1.1

Android Balls is an addictive puzzle game.
Move your phone to guide dropping balls into the chute that matches their colour.

15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle v2.3

15 Puzzle - A classic puzzle with sliding tiles. An entertaining mind game.

Lab Ball Puzzle Lab Ball Puzzle v1.1.0

Lab Ball Puzzle is a puzzle game where you control a ball that goes through different levels. You control the ball with your device, hold it flat in your hands and tilt to move the ball around.

Brain Puzzle II Brain Puzzle II v1.0

This is a simple game. There are four rows and four columns. The task of the player is to fill either each row or each column with the same color.

Cross Equate Cross Equate v1.4

A new approach to maths - Cross Equate

Fruits'n Tails Fruits'n Tails v1.2.2


Frog Trap Frog Trap v1.0

can you catch the frog?

Netwalk NSA Netwalk NSA v1.1

NetWalk NSA is old cool logic game with some changes. Connect all device with server in a single network to complete the level. The game will display your anonymous online rating in the world, the country, region and city.
Pimp your intellect, compare with others. enjoy.

Catventure Catventure v1.2.413

Catventure is a free puzzle game.
Help Cat to find the milk in more than 50 levels!

BankRaid BankRaid v1.0.0

Time is against you, you must diffuse the bomb before time runs out!
find your way through the walls, but you can only push.

25 levels, 3 Lives
Good Luck