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Shadow Ninja Shadow Ninja v1.7

simple action game,like ninja

Cut Fruits Cut Fruits v1.0.1

Cut the fruit is an arcade style action game with a lot of juice enjoyed by millions of players around the world!

Cyborg Ninja Cyborg Ninja v1.4

Get ready for an action packed Cyborg Ninja hack and slash game.
Fight your way through the cyborg attack in an epic ninja battle. Defeat the attacking cyborg slayers and the big boss with your ninja blade to win. Attack and evade the lasers to stay alive and make it to the next round.

Ninjas capture Ninjas capture v1.1.5

This is a game where you have to capture as much ninjas as you can!

Ant Hustle Ant Hustle v1.0

A colony of black ants lived peacefully over a green hillock, guarded by black ninja ant. All their peace was disturbed when a huge mothership of alien insects invaded the hillock.

Beginner Drivers Beginner Drivers v1.0.0

Only six intersections should be aware of ....

Samurai Ninja Encounter Samurai Ninja Encounter v1.0

Samurai Ninja Encounter is an action game.
Avoid and cut the Ninjas, Shurikens and Shinobies. Voyage through samurai clans.

Holi Holi v1.3

First ever Holi game where you have all the ingredients available. Play the game and paint the canvas with colors.

Angry Killer Ninja Angry Killer Ninja v1.0

Dash your way through countless waves of angry ninjas and slice them up!

Ninja Engage Ninja Engage v1.3

Engage your enemies unleashing the shuriken rage on them!
Have fun with the ninja and try to get 4 stars on each level!

Download the game now! It's free to play!

Air Ball 3D Air Ball 3D v1.2

Select airport and throw the ball with full force and beat the boxes.
We have created for you four airports with different arrangement of boxes. Any Airport contains 20 levels. On every 20th level you will unlock one new ball.

Senshi Senshi v1.0.1

The Ninja Warrior Senshi only has one day to sneak into the Himatsu Castle and rescue his beloved Akane.

Teen Squad Teen Squad v3.0

Lets catch some Ghosts!!!

The Attack Of The Moles The Attack Of The Moles v1.01

Smash all the alive moles before you loose all the lives.

Tamarrad Tamarrad v1.1.7

Tamarrad and don't be a sheep!

Hungry Nomi Hungry Nomi v1.0.4

Featuring unique gameplay, charmingly cute visuals, and plenty of modes and power-ups to unlock, Hungry Nomi is an experience you'll have trouble putting down from the moment you toss your first jelly bean!

Traffic Crossing Traffic Crossing v1.0.15

Traffic Crossing is a fun game in which you have to help the people cross the road in heavy traffic.20 Challenging Levels,15 Unique cars of different speeds to avoid/hit,Different types of people with different walking speeds,Awesome graphics,Beautiful backgrounds,Awesome music and sound effects.

Demon Hunter Demon Hunter v1.0.1

The devils want to use the power of darkness to destroy this world.
Is there a hero coming to save this world?
Is the final outcome salvation? Or doom?
It's all in your hands!

Plunge Plunge v1.0.1

After a journey to the centre of the Earth, Bobby RedBall has fallen deep into the waters of the planet.
Join Bobby in his underwater adventure, desperately trying to tap his way out of the cave!

Zombie Killer Zombie Killer v1.1

Zombie Killer is shooting game. Aim at zombies and kill them before they win and conquer the world.