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LuckySeven LuckySeven v1.2

Las vegas Lucky 7 is available free in android market. Get the app and try your luck.

Poke it Poke it v1.6

Fun, addictive game. Think fast, poke and pop.

QuestQuest QuestQuest v1.20

Crawl the dungeon, gather treasures, kill monsters and be the most heroic hero!

WikiTest WikiTest v2.0.1

Play, learn, and have fun. Correctly answer each question as quickly as possible to get extra points and catapult your name to the top of the list. You will face more than five hundred interesting, funny and curious questions about different topics such as sports, music, news, movies, etc. Think you can get to be number one? Check It Out! Be the smartest one!

Slingshot Defense Slingshot Defense v1.1.2

Take the slingshot and Defend yourself!

Slingshot Defense is a classic defense type game, where enemies are falling from the sky, and your only weapon against them is a Slingshot..!

No Llores Ronaldo No Llores Ronaldo v10

Stop Cristiano Ronaldo from crying.
Stop the footballs, yellow cards and Lionel Messi from getting near him. But make sure that he drinks his milk!

ManVsMosquito ManVsMosquito v2.1.2

Man Vs. Mosquito is action packed with surprises around every corner. Click play and enjoy the ride, but beware, the increased beating of your heart may attract mosquitoes! Your only mission is to stop them at all costs. You’ll have to be fast, furious and accurate in order to quell their blood-thirsty rebellion!

Penalti de Messi Penalti de Messi v16

It's the Semi-Final of the Champions League. You Are Messi. Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Your aim is to hit the crossbar of the goal.

Barcelona v Chelsea 2012

Puzzle Puzzle v1.1.5

You can choose your own image to do this puzzle game, it provides multiples levels in difficulties. The time will be a measurement for the victory.

RedTailsLive RedTailsLive v1.425

Remembering WW II.
Use your Android phone to Aim the plane and touch anywhere on the screen to fire.

Trollolol Trollolol v23.0

Troll your friends, create rage faced photos and share created comics :)

★ Automated faces detection and rageface swap
★ Take photo from camera or picture gallery
★ Share created comics via Facebook, email, mms and etcf

Summoner Call Summoner Call v2.0.0

Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign?
Join the battle in this CCG (Collectible Card Game) with a simplified and quicker gameplay, with some RPG elements such as character levelling and deck improvements.

- 3 heroes and 21 enemies with different attributes sets
- Over 60 cards with various effects
- 15 creatures to summon on your side
- Local and Global Leaderboards share with WP7 users
- An exciting soundtrack
- And much much more

TouchZtoA TouchZtoA v1.151

Touch Z to A first.

Zoom Man Zoom Man v1.0.9.1

The game is about control the zoom-in and zoom-out of the spaceman able to change his size. The mission is very simple, you just need to help him to run and get more powerStones.
There are 50 awesome stages to explore, do not hesitate to play this game. Have a fun.

Neil Rajah Neil Rajah v10.2.7

A retro 2D side-scrolling platformer with a story based on Indian mythology. Avoid traps, fight enemies, collect diamonds, buy upgrades.

SubmarineWar(HD) SubmarineWar(HD) v1.23

SubmarineWar(HD):free game for 7 inch Tablets!

Space Master (HD) Space Master (HD) v1.7

Spacemaster(HD):free game for 7 inch tablets!

Submarine War Submarine War v1.42

In the year 2066 ,A new war begins and You lead a submarine in the ocean depths and must eliminate the enemies

Terrapets Terrapets v0.29 Beta 6053

The once lush and beautiful world of Hakawa is now little more than a barren wasteland. You take charge of a special wildlife reserve with the very important task of revitalizing the land and building a vibrant habitat for Terrapets. These mysterious creatures are the embodiment of the environments that they inhabit. Swamplanders are sneaky and vitriolic, while woodlanders are steadfast and strong. Terraform the lands to create the ideal environment to collect and battle your own Terrapets.

PixelStrip - Free PixelStrip - Free v23

Pixel Strip: Free Ad Supported Version.
Use your power of the rock, paper and scissors game to challenge beautiful woman to a stripping contest. Whoever loses, strips!

No sexual organs or 'parts below' are drawn in detail, yet if you are offended by very pixelated and cartoon nudity, don't download this game.

This game is ad supported. The ads are there to try and support me.