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Match the Car Match the Car v2.27

Play with the hottest supercars

Snake Train Snake Train v1.6.0

This game is recommended for children because it's very easy.

Based in the snake game, now you have control of the Snake Train.

Your mission is collect gold in all levels.

Control the game using the d-pad or the touchscreen.

You can enter the tunnels or cross the screen.

Many levels for your fun.

spacemaster spacemaster v1.7

you play a kind of spaceship that must destroy other vessels and avoid obstacles.

Match the Flag Match the Flag v3.01

Match the flag the one of the names of countries

Jumper Jumper v3.7.6

This is the new and improved Jumper game by JetKids. Use your device's accelerometer to move your character. Step on the blocks to jump, and avoid touching the flying horses. Keep track of your score and strive to break your record.

Use accelerometer to move character to step on the blocks to jump, and avoid to touch the flying horses.

IQScanner IQScanner v1.8.6

Want to know your/your friends IQ by the scanner ? Let's try it and share with friends !!!

Space War Space War v3.7.8

Touch and move yourself, shoot enemies and catch bonus.
This game is a beta version of the shooting game. You can pick the shell to protect yourself.
You also can pick the score bonus to earn extra scores.
The enemies also will be able to shoot you, once you get hit, your life will be decreased.

The obstacles also will affect your life and score. The rocks only can be broken by the certain weapons. Otherwise, you have to avoid them.

Softball Juggle! Softball Juggle! v1.2.0

A simple but fun softball ball juggling game.

Live Cell Live Cell v3.6.7

Live Cell, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician-John Horton Conway in 1970.1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbors dies, as if caused by under population. 2. Any live cell with more than three live neighbors dies, as if by overcrowding.3. Any live cell with two or three live

Touch Snake Classic! Touch Snake Classic! v1.4.0

One of the fastest growing snake game in the android market!

The classic snake game on your phone.

Better control mechanism on touch screens compared to other snake games.

Touch to the left of the snake's head to turn it left, touch to the right to turn right, likewise for up and down.

Have fun!

Coming soon:
Level / speed selector

Robo Revenge Robo Revenge v0.9.9

3D platformer action games, robo is attacking the evil planets. It is a shooting games and also jumping games. Upgrade robo's weapon to win challenging stages with various enemies and maps. Aim and shoot the enemies, jump to the moving bridge and don't fall down.

For high end devices only.

Number Runner Number Runner v1.2.1

Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 in sequence as fast as you can.

Beat your high score.

A fun family competitive game! Once you are done with the big names such as Angry Birds or Paper Toss, give this app a run!

Fruit Samurai Fruit Samurai v2.4

Use your samurai skills to neatly cut the fruits! A fun Fruit Samurai Style Game Play. Slash the fruits away. But avoid the bombs. Try to get higher scores. Each fruit slashed earns you 50 points and 1 to 5 seconds extended playtime. Provides hours of fun. App2SD supported. Tablet Ready.

nature Puzzle nature Puzzle v0.0.0.7

Simple puzzle game

MineSweeper with Multi-level MineSweeper with Multi-level v1.4.3

MineSweeper with Multi-Level

The goal of the mine game is to disclose all the unite which are not mine in the minefield of the unit, but not stepping on a mine. If you dug the mine, you will lose the game.

PK AOA PK AOA v5.0.0

Build your empire peacefully or wage war and claim territory with an iron fist. All on a real map!

Tennis Juggle Master Tennis Juggle Master v1.5.3

A simple but fun and addicting tennis ball juggling game, for the whole family.

Math Teacher Math Teacher v1.2.2

A fun and addictive brain activity game!

Give your brain the exercise it needs, minus the stress.

Take your time and carry out common math exercises everyday. It will help your mind in being more alert and faster in problem solving.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division provided.

Have fun!

World Fastest Clicker World Fastest Clicker v1.5.1

A hilarious mouse click game to compete with your friends and family.

Birdhunt Birdhunt v2.1

Catch the duck
Bird Hunting game based on Japan traditional method in Miyazaki.