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ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper v3.2.1


New version changes (v3.1):

  • Online High-scores (context menu in highscores screen)
  • Game saving
  • Removed skin icons from Launcher
  • Notification about long-press
  • Updated game GUI, now it supports all Android resolutions.
  • Added Game Settings.
  • Skins can be downloaded directly from application.
  • Improvements in performance and memory usage.
  • Sounds and Vibration.
  • Navigation by joystick.
  • etc...

Version 2.0 changes:

  • skins support;
  • vibration on mine blowing;
  • countdown timer;
  • background music playing;
  • optimized by size and performance;
  • bug fixing;


Minesweeper is a mobile version of one of the best single-player logical games ever made. The basic gameplay style became a popular but minor part of the puzzle game genre during the 1980s, with such titles as Mined-Out and Yomp. Cube was further succeeded by Relentless Logic, by Conway, Hong, and Smith, which was available for MS-DOS as early as 1985. The game is still very popular among players of different age and social origin. The proof is the fact that it is still included in the latest version of Microsoft Windows.
Our application is classic, "old school" version of that game. All we add to it is our love, style and time :) Please enjoy of it.



Parental rating: 
Not rated
Default language: 
Supported languages: 
Ukrainian, Chinese
Terms And Conditions/Copyright: 


ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper
ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper


Target Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.5
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet, Vibrate

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Re: Source code


Source code belong to the ArtfulBits Inc. ( company. Application is free but not open source.

In several cases our game can be interpreted as demo of our qualification and skills.


Source code

Did you offer source code of this application. Where? How can I download?
Best Regards,

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Reviews of ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper

Yay! My favorite time-filler! Nicely done, and it works on my Pandigital Novel 7" black. No sound (this thing only works with .wav and one other sound format) but the music option worked. When switching from medium to expert I got 99 mines in the 16x16 size, but after closing the app and starting over the expert level worked again. Using a touch screen with long touch to flag adds a whole new element of challenge. I LIKE IT!!! There goes my time and battery charge.

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