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Feng shui tips

Feng shui tips is an application that allows entering your birth date to get our kua number, there are eight numbers " kua " that correspond to the eight basic directions : North, South , East, West , Northeast, Northwest , Southeast, Southwest .

With the Kua number and the help of the compass included in the application can determine which are favorable and unfavorable directions to the location and distribution in our spaces at home or work to harmonize well eliminating any negative influence.

Feng shui tips also shows some useful and basic tips for our favorable location coordinates as our date of birth , but there are many Feng Shui cures and advice from expert teachers in this art can help us to balance and harmonize the spaces and diminish, eliminate the negative influence of the unfavorable directions in our lives.

Feng shui tips is simple to use, you just introduce your date of birth and your gender showed our kua and compass to indicate us the favorable and unfavorable directions with the respective meanings of these tips and you must continue to distribute the spaces correctly to attract prosperity and success to your life.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Spanish, Portuguese
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Feng Shui Pa Kua
Feng Shui Pa Kua
Feng Shui Pa Kua
Feng Shui Pa Kua


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Target Android version: 
Android 4.4
Minimum Android version: 
Android 3.0
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Screen portrait, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Internet

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