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Specific characteristics
* Use smartphone to watch webcam video in real-time.
* You can watch the webcam video from multiple phones at the same time.
* You can save the current state using the snapshot feature.
* Recording function can do the recording on the PC, and it can be remote controlled.
* You can zoom in/out the images of the smart phone.

Refer to How to Use the service ( guide.)
* Visit site http :/ /, and create an account.
* You can download PC programs and install the program from site
* After you run the installed PC program, log in with a generated account at the site.
* Install the smart phone app.
* After running the app, log in with an account generated at the site.
* You can watch the video of the webcam.

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Parental rating: 
Everyone 10+ (age 10 and over)
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Supported languages: 
Trial version: 
"In-App" billing: 
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Terms And Conditions/Copyright: 

Article 1 (Purpose)
The terms and conditions in this document have purpose of identifying conditions and procedures with other necessary means in joining membership of this web site.

Article 2 (Effect of rules and amendment)
① The content of this rule is effective in agreement and notification of joining membership.
② If Management committee recognizes necessity, content of this rule can be amended (amend, delete and add) and amended content is effective as rules applied in ①.

Article 3 (Rules to keep)
Matters not specified in this rule follow Telecommunications base Act, Telecommunication business Act and other relevant provisions of law.

Article 4 (Limit of membership)
① Only registered person is recognized as a member.
② Non member is prohibited to use particular boards.
③ Member means membership and non membership
④ Other matters not mentioned here follow general conventional register criteria.

Article 5 (Duty of member)
① Members must comply with matters specified in this rule and notice.
② Full member is not allowed to be involved in actions as below.
1. Damage other’s honor without legitimate reason or infringe their right.
2. Taking action dangers public order or morals.
3. honor of this web site or dangers operation of this web site.
4. endangers national security or taking action involved in criminal activities.
5. Activities violating this rule and members act.
6. Any other violation of current law.

Article 6 (Limit to join membership)
If applicable, shall be in the following, without prior warning, the site has authority to delete, move, restrict access or terminate of membership.
① If violated duty of member by the Article 5
② If posted or linked illegal adult content and pornography on the board.
③ If posted or linked content infringe copyright and related rights on the board.
④ If filled out wrong information in joining membership.
⑤ If posted commercial content without agreement on the board.

Article 7 (Copyright of content on the board)
① The copyright of article posted on the board belongs to the person of posting the content.
② All the responsibility of legal issues related to posted article belongs to the person posting the content.

Article 8 (Amend and Add of content)
The management committee has right to amend, add or delete content of this homepage if necessary and notice its content on the homepage.

Article 9 (Duty of site administrator)
Personal information of membership obtained from membership join shall not be shared, distributed or used in commercial purpose without person’s agreement.
However, in case related organization requesting under related law, administration committee can respond to the request with internal discussion.

Article 10 (Site management)
① Responsibility of posting, changing and deleting content on the board belongs to the person posting the content.
② Responsibility to obtain original or backup content belongs to the person posting the content.
③ When posted content of a member or a non member is recognized as damaging the web site management, the administration committee can ask the person posting the content to make changes in the content or can restrict his/her access. In such case, restriction in access shall be noticed to the person.

Article 11 (Indemnity and Disclaimer)
① Member will have responsibility over all action or activities and its results. The site does not hold any responsibility.
② Member or the site administration committee violating the rules by natural disasters or by majeure reasons don’t have responsibility.
③ The site shall not be liable to compensate for damages made to members by interruption of operating the web site.
④ The site is not liable for operational problems made by members and member is liable for compensate any lose made to the site.
⑤ The site is not responsible for data provided to members in its accuracy or reliability

Privacy policy: 

The JenausSoft (herein after referred to as the Company”) considers your personal information very important and complies Act on promotion of information and communication network and information protection.
Company, through personal information privacy policy, note that how the obtained personal information is used and that what actions are taken to protect personal information.

Company will announce notification on web site if any changes in policy are made.

ο This policy is effective from 17th day of September 2012.

■ Collected personal information

Company is collecting personal information for membership join, consulting and service as below.

ο Collected item : e-mail
ο Personal information collecting method : homepage (

■ Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Company uses collected information for below purpose.

ο Membership management
ο Checking ID (e-mail) for service use

■ Keeping and use time for personal information

As a general rule, after completion of colleting and using personal information, they are destroyed at once. However, when it is needed under related law to keep it, company keeps the information for designated time under related law as below.

Kept item : e-mail
Kept base : Act of use and protection of credit information.
Retention period : kept for service

■ Destruction procedure and method of personal information

As a general rule, after completion of colleting and using personal information, they are destroyed at once. Destruction procedure and method are as follow.

ο Destruction procedure
The information you provided for joining membership is transferred to a separate DB (to other folder if it is paper form) and kept for certain period of time according to related law and internal policy (please refer to maintaining and period of use) and it is destroyed.

The personal information on separate DB can not be kept unless legally requested and can not be used in other use.

ο Destroy method
The personal information saved in electronic file format is deleted in technological method which is not able to be re-vitalized.

■ Providing personal information

Company does not provide private information of users externally. However, cases below can be exceptional.
- If users are agreed to do so.
- If requested by law or requested by legal investigation.

■ Collected private information consignment

Company shall not consign your information without agreement to external companies. If necessary, company shall note such information to user and shall gain agreement before taking any actions.

■ Right of user and their legal representatives and ways to exercise the right.;

User or legal representative can view or modify personal information of him/ herself and a child under age of 14 and can request for membership termination.
For viewing or modifying of personal information of user or legal representative, ‘Change of personal information’ can be used and the membership can be modified, amended or terminated by clicking ‘membership termination’ after process of confirmation of identity.
You can also write, call or e-mail to private information manager to have inquiry processed at once.
When you requested correction for errors in personal information, such information is not used or provided to anyone. Also, if wrong information is provided to 3rd party, it will be corrected at once with notifying the 3rd party the result of progress.
JeanausSoft deals information changed or deleted by user’s request under its policy and shall not view or use such information in other purpose.

■ Public service for private information

Company designates related department and private information manager as below to protect personal information and to process related complains.

Private information manager : Byeonghee Won
Phone No : 070-4369-5309
e-mail :

You may report to the manager or department for all private information protection related inquiries and complains while using the service of company. The company will answer user’s inquires quickly and efficiently.



Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
Requires 'rooted' device: 
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.2
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Screen portrait, Touchscreen, Wifi
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Access wifi state, Get accounts, Internet, Read external storage, Wake lock, Write external storage

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