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If men could verbalize their experiences with women it would be that they are wonderfully frustrating. We men absolutely adore women but, let’s face it, women have their own ways that often times seems very foreign to us men.

It is often hard to tell read a woman because her thoughts and feelings can seemingly change at a moment’s notice. It is often hard to decipher what a woman is saying because her words don’t mean what we think they mean. Lastly it is often hard to tell what a woman wants because there seems to be a divide between what she says she wants and what she really wants.

It is no wonder that so many of us men just throw up our hands and say, “Women are crazy!” It is this mentality that makes our relationships with women very difficult. Relationships in and of themselves are difficult and require work. However, the daunting task of having a successful relationship becomes even harder when a man does not understand how a woman thinks, feels and acts when it comes to relationships.

Well what if I was to tell you that women aren’t crazy? What if I were to tell you that women are actually very logical and consistent in their choices? Well it is 100% true. All that it requires to discover this truth is a little Detective work. This is where I come in. I’m The Love Cop.

In my case files I have carefully studied the choices women make in regards to relationships and I have discovered a very logical and consistent pattern. My job is to put you through basic training so that you will be able to see that pattern as well. When you are done with my training you will start to see:
1. Whether or not the girl is even interested in you.
2. If she is interested in you how to increase her interest in you and make her chase you.
3. Whether or not she is good or bad for you by being aware of good signs and bad signs that will manifest themselves during the relationship.
4. Relationships are all about posturing and negotiation. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

I must warn you that my basic training is not about how to pick up a chick nor is it filled with a bunch of corny pickup lines. My training will teach you how to properly approach and navigate the most important part of any relationship; the beginning.

I will show you how to build a good relationship on a strong foundation if you have a girl who is crazy about you and has a great attitude. If a girl isn’t crazy about you or has a bad attitude, I will show you how to weed those qualities out and get rid of her.
Remember guys that we only need to find you one good girl. When you do find that “one good one”, I will show you how to take the relationship from the first date to her asking YOU to be her boyfriend. If you set your ego aside and use these time tested principles then you will never be confused by women again.

This version includes all investigative reports that are not included in the free version.


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Love Cop - Full
Love Cop - Full


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