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Surfen Mini Surfen Mini v1.0

***** 1000+ downloads for this new kind of browser *****

***** RANKED #89 on Amazon App Store *****


WhatsMyIP WhatsMyIP v1.6

Displays your IP address, telephone number and network information. Whats My IP will also identify if you are on a mobile network or connected via wifi.

GPS Data Monitor Free GPS Data Monitor Free v2.1


Ultimate real-time GPS testing/monitoring tool
for Android is finally here !

MUST HAVE app for every serious GPS tester! FULL SUPPORT FOR GLONASS.

MyFBAlbums v2.9 MyFBAlbums v2.9 v2.9

MyFBAlbums Plus is a simple application that will let you download your Facebook albums to your Android device and make them available offline to view at anytime from your photo's gallery.

Fast Browser Fast Browser v1.1

Fast Browser - The fastest browser for android.

ES Chromecast ES Chromecast v1.0

ES Chromecast Plugin

FileStream.Me Client FileStream.Me Client v1.4.3GP

Online file storage manager with built-in advanced functionality.

Aloha Aloha v1.1.3.1

Private web browser with free unlimited VPN and downloader

Browser for SkyDrive Browser for SkyDrive v2.0

Android SkyDrive client with dual pane style

Flash Morse Torch Flash Morse Torch v1.2.5

Flash Morse Torch

A very portable and light torchlight application, it occupies very little cpu and memory but it is very powerful. Please enjoy it. It supports SOS flash and customized morse flash.

Level 3D Level 3D v1.1.1

Level 3D
Level 3D is used to tell the 3d values of your accelerometer. According to the values, the earth model will rotate. The earth will maintain still if all the values are zero.

Device Information Device Information v1.1

All you need to know about your Android system and more!

Tubebook Downloader Tubebook Downloader v1.8.0

Tubebook downloader let you quickly download music, movies, videos or other files from internet conveniently on your mobile. It's a downloader on android.

Flashlight Flashlight v4.9.6

Incredibly simple and yet very useful Flashlight application. Will use your device's camera LED/flash if it has one.

Fast Downloader Fast Downloader v1.0

FAST DOWNLOADER. Download files fast.
With Fast Downloader you can download any file to your Android device very easily and faster than ever.

Baidu Browser Baidu Browser v1.0.0.0

Baidu Browser is the FASTEST, SIMPLEST and FREE mobile web browser.

RF Signal Tracker RF Signal Tracker v2.5.10

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!

UNIT UNIT v13.2.6

SI Units Converter for Clinical Data

This App provides factors for converting conventional units to SI units for selected clinical data. Source: JAMA Author Instructions.


to convert from the conventional unit to the SI unit, multiply by the conversion factor;
to convert from the SI unit to the conventional unit, divide by the conversion factor.

PDFMerger PDFMerger v1.0.3

PDFMerger allows you to combine as many PDF documents in to one!
Simply choose the files from your smartphones SD card by using the embedded file browser and create a single file!
The file is output to the sdcard folder by the name "merged_{increment}"!

PDFSplitter PDFSplitter v1.0.3

PDFSplitter allows you to split any PDF document!
Simply choose the file from your smartphone's SD card by using the embedded file browser, and choose in how many pages to split!
The new files are saved to the original folder by the name {original file name}_{increment}!