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WiFiReaver WiFiReaver v1.1

WiFiReaver. Wireless File Reaver.

Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.

Inyector automático de claves mediante Diccionario para Redes Wireless.

Battery and Memory widget Battery and Memory widget v1.1

Best battery and memory widget.

Solar System Calculator Solar System Calculator v1.2

Calculate your age and weight on other planets from the Solar System!

Easy QR Code Toolbox Easy QR Code Toolbox v0.3.3

"Easy QR Code Toolbox" aims to be the easiest to use QR code reader app on the market.

Autorun Killer Autorun Killer v1.3.1

There are many applications that automatically start when you turn on your device; many of these you don't use or need, they just consume your valuable resources. Autorun Killer lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device. Donate version even tries to prevent their restart (and is ad-free).

Simple Task Killer Simple Task Killer v1.1

Simple Task Killer allows user to safely end running applications.

Android Assistant Android Assistant v3.4.3

Android Assistant

Android Assistant is a powerful tool for browsing information on the Android platform,. This app can be used to view software information, hardware information, running services information, and network information. You can also use it to view the file system. - Access your Android device information - View software and hardware information - Explore your file system.

Simple Unit Converter Simple Unit Converter v2.054

Simple Unit Converter is the simplest and most intuitive unit converter on the market.

Emergency Manager Trial Emergency Manager Trial v2.0.1

Emergency Manager now on Tablets.
Emergency Manager Trial(FREE)is a complete emergency situation management app for android devices which is equipped with emergency service numbers for over 200 countries. You can send SMS requesting help with your current location (GPS and Network)just with a single touch. It also uses the enormous outreach of the social-networking media (Facebook to post emergency alerts on your behalf, so that help can be always at hand. Also provides multilingual support.

FVH FVH v1.4.1

Hide your videos with FVH, easy and free.

APN Backup & Restore APN Backup & Restore v1.7

A simple App to backup and restore APNs. The backup is stored in the /sdcard/APNBackupRestore folder.

Please report any problems on my site or email me with detailed error message.

Arabic TypeWriter Arabic TypeWriter v1.0

If you want to type in Arabic and if your device is not allowing to do this,,now do not worry.Because this application is there for you.

AndFire AndFire v1.2

AndFire is a android firewal software,It support to message filter,block calls,app firewall,ftp pop3 smtp block and virus firewall.You can block some network application software to help you save flow!

AndFire是一款Android 防火墙软件,主要支持黑名单信息过滤,阻止来电,应用软件阻止网络,FTP,POP3,SMTP阻止,病毒防火墙等,你可以阻止一些联网的应用软件,帮助你节约网络流量!

Sysinfo Sysinfo v0.1

Sysinfo shows various informations about the Android(TM) system such as build, settings, display, etc.

Hot Topics Hot Topics v1.01

Want to know what's trending on the web at any moment?
This app shows you the latest trending topics from several different sources around the web. From twitter to google search and other content aggregators.

Andrino Andrino v1.1

Andrino is an interactive Javascript interpreter. Johnny can't program because the kids today cannot find a simple interactive programming environment to get started with. Andrino is my attempt to address this problem. It is a great way to practice beginning programming and Javascript. (Requires >= Android 1.6)

GeoSense GeoSense v1.0

Ever wondered how you would know if you have reached a destination you've never been before ? GPS is great .. but should you be checking out the GPS on a regular basis just to make sure ? Or what if you Sleep off ? The solution: GeoSense !

App Lock App Lock v1.8.3

Essential app for all android users. Password protect your phone's personal data

An essential app for every android user. Password protect any personal data on your phone.
AppLock lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar...any apps you choose

Anti Dog Anti Dog v1.9

Anti dog repellent and whistle. 20thausand frequencies to use!!!

101st Milaad CountDown 101st Milaad CountDown v6.0

101st Milaad Mubarak Counter