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Collector Collector v1.0

This game needs the accelerometer sensor on your phone.

Help our bee to collect the panels, be careful not to collect the honey before it is ready, or fall to the bottom of the panel where you will be engulfed by a sea of ​​delicious honey.

Every time you step on a cell, the former disappears.

When you harvest a panel, activate a grid of wax that allows you to move over for a few seconds, well calculated to take the chance to spend as little as possible.

Good luck collecting.

Sara Sara v1.6

Do you want to a siri clone? are you jealous of your friend's siri for iphone? Then this is the app for you.

xLove xLove v1.0

Love Calculator

Moon Phase Moon Phase v2.3.4

Moon Phase Widgets is application for those who realize that Moon is not just rock in the sky, but it is very beautiful phenomena unique to the planet we are living on. Our lives are affected by it every single day and I hope this application can help you better understand it.

Xray Lung Xray Lung v4.0

Transform your phone into a X-ray scanner.

Fool your friends and get fun!

Simulate scanning your lungs for few seconds and the app will calculate yours lung's health.

This app uses the move sensor of your phone for simulate the x-ray scan.

Please check youtube link for instructions.

Thanks for download!

DailyHoroscope DailyHoroscope v1.1.6

1) get your daily horoscope information
2) get to know some basic horoscope information
3) horoscope compatibility check
4) locate your horoscope in the sky
5) rising sign calculator to be added
!) new features will be added whenever requested

Drink Fest Drink Fest v1.2

Drink Fest - track your drinks with fun!

Animal Age Animal Age v3.1.1

This utility allows you to easily see the human age of your animal, and find fastly a veterinarian

Daily Luck Calculator Daily Luck Calculator v1.3

Test your daily luck and find your lucky number today in just a few clicks!

This application use the Numerology Calculator formula to calculate your daily luck and lucky number.

Weight Analyzer Weight Analyzer v1.01

A super way to prank your friends! I bet you know people who are obsessed with their weight. App will help you to trick your friends and make them believe you can calculate their weight using your phone camera.

Legumes War Legumes War v1.0

The war of legumes is a board game for all ages...
The luck of the dice and strategy are your weapons.
The kids can learn math in a fun and others do these mental calculations as good for our brains.....

Day Of The Week Finder Day Of The Week Finder v1.0

Day of the Week finder will calculate any date that you input and tell you if it was a Sunday, Monday, etc. Enjoy!

Love Compass Love Compass v1.0

Designed to help you find your love :).

Are you feeling lonely ?, if that is your case this android application is the solution for you.
It will get you to the exact locations to your love.

-Get directions that leads to your love
-Find all lover(even the secret ones)
-Find exact location
-Have fun with your friends
-Do not get lost in love

AstroComputer AstroComputer v1.0

AstroComputer takes your date, time, and city of birth and creates a full color horoscope chart.

Age'Omatics Age'Omatics v1.0

Age'Omatics provides you the options for calculating your age in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even in seconds!!
It also provides you the options to compare your age with that of others, save birth dates of yours friends, calculate age in other planets and do much more...!


Formula For Success Free- app lets you know a person's character by his date of birth. The calculation is based on so-called Square of Pythagoras, whose authorship is attributed to the famous ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras

Super Bowl Winner Super Bowl Winner v1.1

Do you know who will become the Winner of Super Bowl 2012?
Our app knows that! Download it and find out who will become the NFL Champion this year on the February 5th in Indianapolis.

Item Builder for League of Legends Item Builder for League of Legends v2.0

Calculate the stats for different builds in League of Legends

Biorhythm Calculator (Trial) Biorhythm Calculator (Trial) v1.0.0

Biorcal is a total biorhythm calculator. It calculates all the 13 known biorhythms for the present date and time, at any specific moment, or, during a certain time period. The 13 known biorhythms are: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitional (Primary Biorhythms), Mastery, Passion, Wisdom (Secondary Biorhythms), Perception, Psychic, Success (Extra Biorhythms), Aesthetic, Awareness, Spiritual (I-Ching Biorhythms).

MLK • Euromillions MLK • Euromillions v1.6.3

My Lucky Keys is an application designed for those players who bet on Euromillions. We hope it brings you as much luck as it brought us. Enjoy this free application, and may the Luck be with you!