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Alquimia BIG BANG Alquimia BIG BANG v1.0

It combines two elements to create new and discover from the big-bang to the end foreseen by the Maya.

The game is divided into 10 groups with 10 elements in each of them, starting with 3 elements and you have to combine to get the 100 items, all related to the universe and human evolution.

Collector Collector v1.0

This game needs the accelerometer sensor on your phone.

Help our bee to collect the panels, be careful not to collect the honey before it is ready, or fall to the bottom of the panel where you will be engulfed by a sea of ​​delicious honey.

Every time you step on a cell, the former disappears.

When you harvest a panel, activate a grid of wax that allows you to move over for a few seconds, well calculated to take the chance to spend as little as possible.

Good luck collecting.

Legumes War Legumes War v1.0

The war of legumes is a board game for all ages...
The luck of the dice and strategy are your weapons.
The kids can learn math in a fun and others do these mental calculations as good for our brains.....

Mouse maze Mouse maze v1

The Game: Help the mouse get the cheese hidden in the maze.

Generator: You can create new mazes to challenge your friends to solve them.

Service: Use the menu button on the main screen to raise or lower your maze of other users.

Music puzzle Music puzzle v1.6

You must break in small pieces your favourite song, and with only 2 seconds for fragment, you have to classify the photo. Can you?

Every time you check the note, you lose points, time subtracts points, mistakes substract points, only find the combination adds points
so, you must listen seriously for make the higest points with minimal helps.

Pieces only can be moved while the music sounds!


Music by: Paper Plane Pilots

Plastic Bubbles Plastic Bubbles v1.0

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a plastic bubble explode, if you have not you ever now and if you've done now you can repeat. Plastic bubble is the most de-stressing game, or not. ;)

Enjoy it!

Street BUBBLES Street BUBBLES v1.0

De-stressing game of paintball. enjoy it

Vertices Vertices v2.0

Move the vertices until no hill on the other line.

Music: Escape
by: e.z.Y

Enjoy it.

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