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Calculator TVA Calculator TVA v1.2.0

Calculator TVA

Fuel Calc GR Fuel Calc GR v1.3.5

Υπολογισμός της δεξαμενής και της ποσότητας παραλαβής πετρελαίου.

MatchUp MatchUp v1.5

MatchUp game goal is to match all pairs of matching cards.

Aquarium Calculator Aquarium Calculator v2.02

Aquarium Calculator provides dozens of aquarium calculations.

Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.

Bus34 Bus34 v2.0.5

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Businfo est une application gratuite pour Android qui a pour objectif de proposer un accès facile et rapide aux horaires de l'ensemble des lignes des réseau de bus Hérault Transport, Thau agglo et la TAM.

Businfo is a free Android application whose goal is to provide an easy way to get bus schedules of the french bus networks Hérault Transport, Thau Agglo and TAM.

G-Force G-Force v1.0

Have you ever wanted to know how much G-Force your car can make? Even how much G-Force you can make with your phone? motorcycle? bike?

AstroTab Free AstroTab Free v5.1.1

professional astrology for mobiles and tablets

Fretter Fretter v2.3

The smartest guitar, banjo, ukulele chordfinder there is!

ΦΠΑ Calc GR ΦΠΑ Calc GR v1.7.0

Το ΦΠΑ Calc GR είναι μια απλή εφαρμογή που υπολογίζει το Καθαρό- Μεικτό και ΦΠΑ ποσόν ανάλογα με την επιλογή που θα κάνουμε.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v6.0

Fast and easy to use.

Supports Metric System (cm/m/kg) and Imperial Units (ft./in./lbs.).
Shows your exact over- and underweight.

HandWallet HandWallet v7.51

How can an expense manager be both simple and intuitive and yet professional and strong?

HandWallet Expense Manager is an award-winning app for finance management: Balance your account, control your credit cards, plan budget, track expense and income and avoid over-draft.

• FREE for home users
• Manage your cash, checking & credit cards
• Interactive graphical charts of your expenses and income
• Voice recognition!
And much more..

My Lucky Lotto Calculator My Lucky Lotto Calculator v1.0

The app is using an old Scandinavian success formula to generate numbers for the lottery. The app can not guarantee winning numbers, but who knows, maybe you get a little closer. A fun app that might bring you closer to happiness's. Good luck:)

Bet and SureBet Calculator Full Bet and SureBet Calculator Full v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app...

CDMA Cell Locator CDMA Cell Locator v1.1.2

Detect and calculate between your position and base station.

Fuel Buddy Fuel Buddy v3.1

Fuel Buddy, everything you need to track fuel consumption of your vehicles

Trip Budget Calculator Trip Budget Calculator v1.0.3

Get an estimated budget of your road trip!

Trip Budget Calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate an estimated cost of your trip on the road.

Are you going to travel by car, bike or van? Trip Budget can tell you how much you will spend and differentiates between fuel, food and night costs.

Loan Calculator Loan Calculator v1.07

This simple yet multi-functional calculator lets you calculate annuity, differentiated and fixed payments. Lots of advanced options let you compare loans, factor in down payments and commissions. Quickly compare, save and email multiple loans.

Kids Math Kids Math v2.0.0

Help your child learn to quickly add,subtract,multiply,divide,compare fractions
This is a Educational Math game for your kids and why not maybe for everyone(you can improve your math calculations speed).

Convertor Rate Euro to Ron Convertor Rate Euro to Ron v2.0

Simple widget which displays on screen the conversion amount between Euro to Romanian Leu (RON) based on BNR Rate.