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Cool Tool Cool Tool v5.4

This utility allows you to monitor a various system info in "always on top" floating window (overlay mode).
Available meters:
- CPU Usage meter
- Free RAM meter
- CPU Frequency indicator
- 2g/3g/Wi-Fi Traffic meter
- Battery Level
- Battery Temperature
- Battery Current (mA)
- Wi-Fi Signal Level
- Current Time indicator
- GSM Signal Level
- Number of fixed GPS satellites
- Most resource-intensive processes

Photosight Gallery Photosight Gallery v0.7

Get access to the biggest european archive of high quality artistic photos. is a photographic community of talented photographers mostly from Europe. You can find there daily updated archive of creative artistic photos or share your own.

Photosight Gallery is an easy way to browse photos from on your Android device.
If you like 500px, Flickr, Picasa, then Photosight Gallery is what you probably will like too.

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