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Photo Color Explorer Photo Color Explorer v1.0.3

An ultimate color picker tool which loads image and gets code just by tapping.

Video To Photo Video To Photo v1.2

Grab photos from any video type

Very fast and easy to use, just click the picture button while video playing or pause the video and adjust time at an exact point.
Take as many photo as you want and select those you want to keep after.

All photo will be accessible from your photo library

All video format are supported

Funny Selfie Funny Selfie v1.0

Selfies & Paint On Photos his is App for take a picture photos and draw freely on the photo, you can save and view photos in the gallery.
Including the ability to share the picture photos or set the picture photos to wallpaper.
Take photos of you and your friends and share them instantly with the Selfies camera.

anDOF anDOF v2.3

Depth of Field (dof) calculator for photographers (SLR)

Know Your Camera Know Your Camera v2.0

This app helps you learn how to use your camera and improve your photography skills!

Image Combiner Image Combiner v1.034

Image Combiner is the simplest and most intuitive app for combining/merging multiple images into one easily shareable picture. Just add a few pictures, sort them in the desired order and press the “combine” button. It is that simple to merge multiple pictures into one. Of course you can save the freshly created picture or simply share it with your friends on your favourite social networks.

Pixel Draw Pixel Draw v0.9

App that allows you to make pixel art. You can select color for each pixel, move around by sliding, zoom in/out and change colours. In addition you are able to save your work to file and load it later. You can also save screenshot to .PNG file. Have fun!

Photo Dog Photo Dog v1.06

Photo Dog, protect your photos!