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TipCalc TipCalc v1.0

A simple tip calculator. My first application on Android.

CommandCenter CommandCenter v0.8.0

A generic application to read/write settings from/to the file system and run misc shell commands.

BatteryDiffWidget BatteryDiffWidget v0.5.1

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This widget shows you in home page the estimated battery lifetime in hours:minutes according to battery consumption and time.
Needs a few minutes to show up, be patient.

Screen ON Screen ON v1.4.2

An app widget for your screen that keeps you the screen on by preventing it from turning off.
click on the widget to activate and click again to de activate.
A notification is also posted while it runs. You can also click on the notification to de activate.

Very useful for those who read using the mobile and want to keep their screen on.

Al Units Al Units v1.0.0

This is a simple tool to convert inches to cms, lbs to kgs and fahrenheit to centigrade.

Handex Handex v0.2.0

Handex let the user open a file, as a text file, and build an index, through searching words.

It is useful with any text file with a defined structure, as the guides at gamefaqs, recipes, e-books, and so on...

NOTE: Handex is not an editor!


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Ukrainian Keyboard Ukrainian Keyboard v1.0.6


Android Ukrainian Keyboard provides keyboard to operate with Android OS in Ukrainian. Software keyboards on mobile phones are a huge issue when you talk about the usability of the product. Frequently you need to provide a message or create a document in your native language. Since default Android keyboard does not provide such ability, Android Ukrainian Keyboard will help you to satisfy all your needs.

ApCat ApCat v1.36

ApCat helps categorizing applications in Android, providing the ability to assign each application into custom categories.

JuicePlotter JuicePlotter v1.1.5

JuicePlotter is a battery usage graph that combines full at-a-glance information about your battery consumption with sheer beauty.

Graylog Graylog v0.4

This is a mobile client for graylog, an rsyslog web interface.

ThermoDroid ThermoDroid v1.4 (BatteryLife)

Battery temperature and battery level monitoring

Locale HTTP Request Plug-in Locale HTTP Request Plug-in v1.0.6

With Locale and the HTTP Request Plug-in, your phone can post a http request to any Server available to your phone.

You could update your status online, control your home entertainment system, log into a Wifi at Work.

This is a plug-in: it requires "Locale" from the Android Market. You can not start it without Locale.

adaffix adaffix v1.1.0

adaffix is an award winning application that enriches the user’s phone call experience by adding relevant content to calls in real time.

Lamp Lamp v1.0

Author email:

The application is designed for temporary lighting or is used as a Flashlight. It includes there lamps that you can turn on or off by touching screen. You can adjust the high, middle and low three brightness.

Pombook Pombook v3.5.1

Pombook synchronizes your Facebook photo albums on your device so you can access them easily.

App Protector Trial App Protector Trial vv1.22 Trial Version with Full Function

Ultimate Privacy Protection Tool!

Add password protection for any app on the phone: SMS,Gmail,Photo, Gallery, Market. Any app u choose!

Protect private message, picture. Better than PhotoVault or SMSVault!Not a keyguard.

Try it and you will love it:)

DM Gas Price DM Gas Price v1.0

Simple utility that pulls gas price predictions for major Canadian cities from Dan McTeague's "Tomorrow's Gas Price Today" site

Enigmanoid Free Enigmanoid Free v20091223

Enigmanoid is a Tool to manage and control a Enigma2 based Dreambox SAT Receiver.

Call Credit Monitor Call Credit Monitor v1.0.1

Monitoring your phone "Credit Unit" usage, and start saving your phone bills.

BeMeWeightPoints BeMeWeightPoints v1.4

Weight Watchers Points Calculator