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Hammering turtles Hammering turtles v1.01

An interesting casual puzzle game, use a hammer to tap a turtle to flip it around the otherturtles, the ultimate goal is to make all the tortoise standing.

LuckyWheel LuckyWheel v1.02

This is a fun and useful little software. It can help you to quickly make some decisions, such as: Which restaurant are we going to now? Which film shall we go and see? Whom would you like to go to attend the conference? And ... who should I vote?

Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper v1.0

A rotating mantra wheel.

Om Mani Padme Hung Om Mani Padme Hung v1.0

Buddhism Om Mani Padme Hung song player.
When the song is playing, the screen will display a rotating mantra wheel.

Shining Mosaic Live Wallpaper Shining Mosaic Live Wallpaper v1.0

Flashing Mosaic of grid, you can by changing the various options, to produce countless display effect.

SuperBubbleLevel SuperBubbleLevel v1.04

It's a level? It's a compass? It's a ruler?
It's SuperBubbleLevel for Android!!

VoiceShoppingList VoiceShoppingList v1.0

This simple app is perfect for jotting down your grocery shopping list before you heading out to your local supermarket. It supports speedy list entry through voice recognition. You can simply speak to your phone, and our app will populate the list for you!

VoiceTextPad VoiceTextPad v1.21

This is a simple input tools.
You can use voice input and other input methods to quickly input content,and then use the "Copy" or "Share" to other programs in use.

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