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Pitch Length Pitch Length v0.0

Calculate the length of a belt or chain as it wraps around a series of pulleys or gears. Useful for mechanical engineers, designers or drafters.

Task Manager Task Manager v1.1

○ View running applications and processes.
○ End a running application or process.
○ Switch to the running application.
○ Show Memory Information.

Watchlion Free Watchlion Free v1.0.8

Watchlion helps you to keep some contacts private. All SMS message and call log will hide from the android system.

SuperBubbleLevel SuperBubbleLevel v1.04

It's a level? It's a compass? It's a ruler?
It's SuperBubbleLevel for Android!!

VIQRsms VIQRsms v1

- Convert Unicode text to VIQR text.
- Easy to send Vietnamese SMS, Email...
- Save your money by sending VIQR SMS.
- One click copy to clipboard.
- Support portrait and landscape screen.
- Totally free.

Hack a Droid Hack a Droid v4.6

This is a little suite of homemade implementations of security tools for android.

Android Talk Mobile Android Talk Mobile v1.0.12

The official app for Android Talk| by MobileDudes, all about the Android platform

BOINC Echo BOINC Echo v0.2.2

BOINC Echo is an open-source application that tracks personal user statistics directly from BOINC projects, similar to sites like BOINC-stats and Free-DC, but limited to the user accounts you track.

CID Getter CID Getter v1.0

Application to determine your phone's CID, operator and other system and regional settings. It's needed to choose the right firmware to flash your phone if you can't update OS via air.

Weather AlarmZ Weather AlarmZ v1.0.0

This application is usefull to know current weather and forecast.

Discount Free Discount Free v1.13

Application that calculates the discount at any price.

GPA Calculator GPA Calculator v1.0

This is a simple GPA calculator for Android. The concept code is used in several US colleges.
Planned features:
- Save Grades
- Mobile transcript

Please send suggestions to

FlashLight Professional FlashLight Professional v2.0

FlashLight Professional is simple but very useful application for Android smartphone’s users. The application is free and doesn't contain advertizing.

SMS Backup SMS Backup v1.1

This application lets you backup your SMS onto SD Card and restore from it.

Apps Organizer Apps Organizer v1.5.15

Organize your Android applications using labels

Chronos Lite Chronos Lite v11.2.21

Automatically change almost any setting on your phone depending on location, time of day, dock state, etc.

Make a profile for work, at the movies, in the car, sleeping, what ever you want!

Encuentra Mi Coche Encuentra Mi Coche v1.0.7

Park wherever you want and don't worry about remembering where you parked

Contact Share Contact Share v1.0.2

Contact Sharing is a utility application and facilitates in sharing contact information from your contact book with a friend, relative, colleagues or customer etc.

Charmap Charmap v1.0.1

Charmap (for Android) is an extremely small and simple Character Map application, from Arabic and Hebrew, from Javanese to Ethiopic Extended.

Note, of course, that your device’s font may not support all known characters. Characters that your device cannot render will most likely show up as empty rectangles

Wi-Fi notification Wi-Fi notification v1.0

Wi-Fi notification is a tool that shows your Wi-Fi connectivity detailed state in a status bar and allows to control connection.