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BeatMouse BeatMouse v2.1.4

lovely game!!!!

Grave Lost Grave Lost v1.0.3

It is the puzzle game, good for your brain....Very interesting

JM四川麻将 JM四川麻将 v2.0.2


JM斗地主 JM斗地主 v0.9.11

The game is very popular in china,

Marine Compass Marine Compass v1.0.2

you can get the right direction(east west north south) with this compass!!!!!

RotateBox RotateBox v1.6.3

Use the direction controller to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each level.
Don't let the block move out of the edge or it will fall down and game over.

It's a great challenging puzzle game that will get you thinking for a while!

New app will come after Chinese New Year.

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