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matchTEN matchTEN v1.1.0

matchTEN is a very cool puzzle game, mix with pool game and math game.

Chalky Fish Free Chalky Fish Free v1.05

The best way to put your dexterity and reactions to the test!

Space Balls Space Balls v1.1.0

Space Balls is a physics puzzle game that combines skill, explosions, brains and more explosions.

Santa's Christmas Eve Santa's Christmas Eve v1.0

Help Santa Fill his sac with gifts this Christmas eve by playing this game

Mole Whack Mole Whack v1.0.6

A cute little mole pops up through one of the three holes and the user has to tap him before he goes back down into his hole

Air Hockey Extended Air Hockey Extended v1.0

Try new features: lock enemy paddle, break borders, and many more options!

Double Jump! Double Jump! v1.1.0

Double the jump, double the fun, add falling blocks and triple the challenge!

Plop!Flop! Plop!Flop! v1.0

Plop! Flop! - A new colorful game in which you must pass 100 levels. The game is a great way spend your free time!

Two Pi Two Pi v1.0

Two Pi is a mobile game it describes the effects of different Mediums Density on waves in simple way that you can survive and dodge the moving platforms (Global Game Jam 2017).

Snow Relax Snow Relax v1.0.5

Real snow on your screen: you swipe and control it. Great for relaxation, especially within the current weather conditions :)

Color Jumper Color Jumper v1.0

How fast can you tap on screen and at the same time move player?

Endless flight bottle Endless flight bottle v1.1.8

Endless Flight Bottle is a nice endless flying game in a cartoon world

Dont Bother Me Dont Bother Me v1.0.1

Everyone has someone to complain about, they all have one person or a situation that stresses them. Now you can take your revenge! Your enemy is ready to hit you but your anger is about to explode!
Finally, a game where you can take it out, virtually, all the accumulated stress.

Bouncing Balloons Bouncing Balloons v1.1.056

Yet another, but very different balloon game for everyone.

OneUp OneUp v0.02b

Unusual Ragdoll game where you have to get out of the dungeon,avoiding traps.

Loopy Loons Loopy Loons v1.0.1

Loopy Loons is a free enthralling and fun time-killer arcade. Varicolored balloons are flying away but you can hold they! Hold balloons more than your friends. At first glance this game is simple but it surprise you in one minute. Get ready to pull balloons down as fast as you can! Don't let them fly away to the atmosphere.

Cannon Destroyer Cannon Destroyer v1.1

Shooting on the island from a cannon!

Block That! Block That! v1.0

Keeping the ball inside the cage seems to be easy. Now you can try and see that it's not entirely true. So, show what's in you!

Tik Tak Tumble Tik Tak Tumble v1.34.1

An Awesome 3D Stack & Match Game with a Tic-Tac-Toe Twist!

Plano Loco Plano Loco v1.0

Collect Stars with a crazy plane