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What is the purpose of SlideME?

SlideME is a Community & Content Marketplace, uniting developers and users.

SlideME offers products, services and experience that help promote small Android developers and their creative efforts, without locking them into any closed standards. We are focused on addressing and helping developers gain quality assurance and financial rewards in this exciting multi-billion dollar industry.

Our goal is to create a new type of mobile application ecosystem, characterized by open standards and undisrupted application delivery and distribution throughout the value chain.

SlideME's goal is to provide end-to-end service for Android developers and their applications – from stocking to delivery, to monetization. It is all about mutual support amongst the community of Android developers, driving growth of this exciting open mobile platform.

SlideME is more than a catalogue of Android applications. It's the basis of a new model with emphasis on promoting android applications and a payment system for processing micropayments with highest payouts in the industry. This includes safeguarding consumers shopping experience, whilst transacting from within their mobile handsets.