Frequently Asked Questions - Downloading Applications

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Application purchases are tied to your SlideME account, not to a specific device. You may re-download or collect from your StorageLocker account your purchased items from another device as long as you are using the same login credentials.

Publishers of such applications or “Developers” may have not submitted their applications or games to SlideME. You can try to contact the developer and let them know you use SlideME and would like to download their applications from the SlideME Marketplace. This will also benefit others users like yourself and improve the overall SlideME catalog.

Google Play is not a downloadable application, but is a competing marketplace that comes pre-installed on supported devices. There is no way to manually add your phone or tablet to Google Play’s supported device list, and you will not be able to use the Google Play website for your device if it is does not come with the Google Play application already.

Do consider if buying applications from a device that is not officially Google Play-enabled as refunds or access to redownload applications again may not be permitted.

Check that Unknown Sources is enabled. Open your Settings app, access Applications, and checkmark the option for “Unknown Sources”.

If you are receiving a Parsing Error, this means the application is not compatible and you should use and update your SlideME (SAM) app to ensure such applications are filtered out.
Note that the SlideME website does not filter applications for compatibility for you, only SAM does.

If your downloads remain Pending, please restart or reboot your device before downloading any further applications.

You may also try downloading the latest SlideME (SAM) app that is compatible for your device to see if this helps.