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What do I do if I have been charged multiple times for an application download?

First, verify that you did indeed receive multiple charges. Login into the SlideME website and then go to: You will see a list of all your transactions on the system along with information what each transaction status means.

Keep in mind that an ‘authorization’ is not a ‘settled’ charge. Once the authorization is issued from your card issuer or bank, the content will be released for download to your device. If for any reason the transaction does not complete and the initial authorization is not ‘settled’ to a ‘Completed’ status then this authorization is due to expire.

The transaction will have the following payment status: received, delivered, completed and canceled. Completed means that you have been charged. If you have received multiple charges with Completed status (due to your multiple retries) for the same application, then go to: and include the transaction IDs that are duplicates and we will issue a refund.