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Why do I notice some extra charges appearing on my payment card statement?

You may have noticed some charges on your card statement.

These do not necessarily mean they are 'settled' charges, as they could be only 'reserves' so SlideME has the right to charge/settle later.

SlideME uses the two-step process for processing transactions.
a) We request for an 'authorization' from your card issuer to 'reserve' the right to eventually 'settle' the transaction. This is 'Received' status under 'My-Transactions'.
b) Second step, upon 'success', SlideME then 'settles' the transaction, which will update the initial 'Received' status to 'Completed'.

If you are in doubt, we would like you to confirm if indeed you were charged more than you should have been. You can verify this from visiting your My-Transactions tab from within your account.
Only orders that have status as being "Completed" have been settled after being reserved.
Other transactions, indicate a reserve to settle, which means we have received the authorization to eventually settle if needed, so to charge accordingly. Only one of the application transactions will be 'Completed' if there are multiple attempts to download the same application.

We require to create a 'reserve' even on every attempt you initiate, which means we then receive an authorization, so we could later 'settle' to charge if needed.

Some orders could appear just as a reserve, which means we authorized but not settled. Since the transaction was not completed it will be released from reserve and not settled, hence you would not be charged.

If you could confirm these extra charge(s) you see from your card issuer(bank) as a 'settled charge', do please inform SlideME support immediately.

Reserves or the authorizations that appear on your card statements take more than a few days to be released, where they can not be settled any longer.

Therefore you should see only one 'Completed' per application transaction and all others for that same application will either be canceled or released eventually from appearing as any type of charges on your card statements.