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App approval ?

Hi , we are new here at slideme , we were wondering how long does it usually take to get an app aprroved ???

RE: App approval


Per the approval guidelines:

Application submissions are reviewed by SlideME staff to ensure they meet our minimum standards and quality guidelines. Applications that do not meet these requirements are not approved or are denied. Due to the volume of applications submitted to the marketplace, it can take a variable amount of time for your application to be properly reviewed. If your application has not been approved within 4 days, please review the guidelines above to ensure your submission was not in error or to make the proper changes before opening a support ticket. If you created more than 5 new application submissions within 48 hours, please wait 7 days before opening a ticket.

We do not provide any specific times or estimates beyond what is written in the approval guidelines as above. Note that applications not marked as "Published" in their edit node are not reviewed by our editors.