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Cant Queue App for Approval

Hello, I as you must have already known that i made an app. As for my problem here is the scenario:

I first uploaded the app and it was not approved due to it having only one screenshot posted.
I updated the app page (the one that shows the screenshots) by adding the additional 2 screenshots a few minutes ago(so now i have 3 screenshots) and tried to queue for re-approval and all i am getting is: Please update your submission to fix the problems reported by our editors.

Any help to this?


Re: Cant Queue App for Approval


When you update, make sure you check the box at the top to queue for reappproval before you click Save. If you only queue for reapproval alone, the system will believe you are attempting to submit a false/empty update.

In any event, please open a ticket to the developers help desk (using the form at and provide a link/URL to your application you are unable to queue.

SlideME Team

RE: Cant Queue App for Approval

Thanks for your reply, fortunately that is how i got the error.
After i checked the Queue app for reapproval checkbox the error says: Please update your submission to fix the problems reported by our editors.

I will follow however make that formal request.

Thanks again.

RE: Cant Queue App for Approval

Did you add the screenshots, click Save, then check the box and click Save again?

Or... did you check the box AND upload the screenshots at the same time, clicking Save only once?

If you did two "Saves" then the 2nd one with the checkbox only will give you an error. If you did both at the same time, then we need to verify and fix that.

SlideME Team

Same problem

Hi everyone, i have the same problem.

Mine app was denied due to the wrong category, i changed the category and save the change. After that i noticed the queue for re-approval checkbox, check it and try to save after the first save but now i'm getting "Please update your submission to fix the problems reported by our editors" message. And i'm stuck there

RE: Same problem

If at any time you have successfully made all of the changes, but cannot re-queue your application for review, open a support ticket and request a manual re-queue of your application. Be sure to provide the URL to your application or you can expect significant delays as we try to search for the application you are talking about (if you even mention the name of it at all as many developers forget to).

Please do not abuse this by requesting for every single application you submit to be manually re-queued if Denied. Ideally you need to be making the changes at the same time you re-queue your application. Plus, your application will take longer to be reviewed otherwise, since you have to wait on both the helpdesk to re-queue your application, and also it being re-reviewed by our editors.

Hope that helps.