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Free Cross Platform Open Source Game Engine

Hi fellow developers,

Just a quick message to let you all know about our free open source mark-up driven game engine IwGame. Its been more than 6 months in development and is on its 10th iteration. We just released our first Android game to the market that was developed in 3 days (5 days if you include the built in game editor) with this engine (its 90% mark-up based). We will also be releasing the full source to cOnnecticOns this weekend.

More info about the game engine can be found at
More info about cOnnecticOns can be found on the Android Market at

The engine is cross platform and is built atop the Marmalade SDK, so iOS, Bada and Blackberry versions will also be available very soon.




Just a quick note to let everyone know that we've released a new version of the engine, which includes support for unified in-app purchasing on iOS / Android as well as an XML schema for the XOML language, modifiers and a whole bunch of other cool features.

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