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I Cannot Upload To SlideMe

I joined so that i could upload the apps i make to SlideMe but instead can find nowhere to upload them! Help me.

RE: I Cannot Upload To SlideMe


If you have created an account on SlideME as a normal user, but wish to upload applications as a developer, do not attempt to register a new account. Instead, you can convert your user account to a developer account.

Click "My Profile" on the right-hand "My Actions" menu of the website. Then, at the top of the page click "Edit". Scroll down until you see a section such as the one below that will allow you to convert your account:

"Android developer:
Are you an Android applications developer? Click here to setup your developer account!"

As a developer, you can click "Upload an application" on the "My Actions" menu and follow the provided instructions.

This question and other helpful info can also be found under the FAQ section, by visiting this URL: