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please help me!!!!!

Ok so I tried to update dino paradise and slide me doesn't have the update available but the version 1.1.1 is obsolete and I really like slide me but I need to be able to update my games. Could u please get the new version? And could u please let slide me show if the games are compatible with my tablet? Model:UTAB71 FCC ID: FCV1208038C

can't do anything

With this slideme app for this lousy android i wish i would have taken back....nothing but a headache....ho w come nothing works on slideme..? Or is it this rubbish tablet of mine?

RE: can't do anything

What model tablet do you have?
Our SlideME market application works well on the majority of Android devices, but if your tablet is an old model or using an old Android OS it can be problematic sometimes.
We recommend contacting us with the Contact link in the upper right of the website so that our helpdesk can help ensure you are using the latest SlideME Market for your specific tablet, as it is possible you are using or your tablet came with an old version of our market app.


My app will not open to get to my locker

RE: hi

Please open a support ticket for our team to help you with your problem:

need help

It is saying I have a pin but I have never setup one