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SlideLock: Is license granted only for one device?

I would like to implement SlideLock in my new game before publishing it on SlideMe but I need to understand how it works exactly.
Is license valid for only one single device, or user can install app on couple devices (via Slideme and the same Slideme account) and he will get valid license?
If license is guaranteed only for one device, I would like to use PackageManager.getInstallerPackageName() to determine if app was installed via SlideMe. Will it be safe? And by safe I don't mean secure (I know this is not secure), but working in a 'stable predictable way'.

SlideLock feedback

Our SlideLock library supports a single device. More precisely, only the most recent (latest) installer device will get a valid license. In other words, once a user installs your app from another device, that device will now hold the license and not any previous ones.

It is not possible to use PackageManager to determine the installer package name, because PackageManager will return null for apps installed using either SlideME Market (SAM) App, or downloaded from website and installed manually.

What you could do, is upload a SlideME version of your app to SlideME with e.g. a com.myapp.slideme package name and check you package name on runtime. You could also check if Google Play is absent and SlideME market is present and assume that if this is the case, your app came from SlideME. The first approach is definitely stronger, and it's what we've seen as a common practice from our developers.