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Iam from egypt and i have some piad apps for android
My questions is :
- how and whom i pay taxes?
- and how can i receive and pay money?

Re: taxes


For sales tax, we handle this for you and make all deductions at the time of sale; so you need not worry about it.

Any earnings that we pay to you from your paid applications is taxable income. You will have to consult the proper government tax authority in Egypt on how to file and submit income taxes for your total earnings from SlideME. You would handle this as you normally would for your own personal income tax or self-employment that you would pay to the government of the country you reside in.

To receive earnings, you must set your banking info in the payout section of your SlideME profile. Afterward, you then must e-sign the W-8BEN listed in the Contracts section. Once that is approved, you can begin receiving payouts for your paid apps. Note there is a fee for wire transfers to your bank, so we recommend you accumulate adequate funds to make it worthwhile before requesting payouts.

thanks, and i have an other

thanks, and i have an other question :
what is Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA)?

RE: thanks, and i have an other

To put it simply, the DDA is the terms and conditions that you agree to when you submit your applications. There's a checkbox you have to check that says you agree to it in the edit node of your application or when you upload a new app, in order for your application to be accepted. By checking that box, you agree that you will follow our content guidelines and policies for your applications to be approved and/or remain published on SlideME and that we will reserve the right to unpublish or reject it or your account at our own discretion.

You can see a summary of it when you edit your applications or upload a new application...scroll down to see a summary as well as a link to the full documentation and a link to the approval process guidelines. Here is also a link to that same DDA: