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cant access my storage

I downloaded SlideME on my SE Xperia PLAY Android phone and I made an online web purchase (n64oid) and it told me I would be able to find it in my storage locker. I signed in when I attempted to make a purchase through the market, the purchase did not work so I do not know if I was signed in and I am unable to access my n64oid which I paid $4.99 for, what would I need to do to access it? And how am I supposed to find apps on the downloaded market am I really supposed to scroll down thousands of items? Shouldn't there be a search button? Anyways, complete noob here! I've seen that it works for a lot of you so I hope I get some help, thanks!

Access StorageLocker

To collect your purchased items, you need to collect them from your device directly. This is to prevent piracy to the extent possible.

You collect from your device by logging into your StorageLocker which is accessible from the SlideME Market (SAM) app on your device.

Look from above Help Link, FAQ for Users for this topic:
"What is my StorageLocker and how can I access it?"

You will find more helpful info there too.

storage locker?

How do I find my storage locker on my android nextbook tablet? I bought a book on my slide account but where is it? Thanks for any help.

Nextbook storage locker

after you go to the sam the menu button (top right)
then click the "more" button and you will see the storage locker !!

Storage Locker

Im using Galaxy Nexus. I cant seem to find storage locker. Where is it???



To access StorageLocker

The solution has been posted just above by mbouchersr, mentioned also in the FAQ/Help under Users section too. Direct link here here

Once you open the SlideME Market(SAM) app, open the Menu, then More & you should see StorageLocker.


I swear.. Theres NO 'MORE' button and 'MENU' button on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Slideme apps update perhaps so its compatible???

I have the same issue, I just

I have the same issue, I just paid 4.99$ for nothing! With galaxy s2, running cyanogenmod 9!

no menu

Having same issue i do not see a menu button using droid bionic


It appears on ICS OS that menu appears when you are in landscape mode.
StorageLocker menu item will be more apparent in next release of the SlideME Market(SAM) app due shortly.

still nothing

This did not help me but will the new version of the app adress these issues so my 4.99 isnt just a waste?

Search Slideme

I have a Pandigital Planet. Is there a way I can search for the apps I am looking for using the SlideMe market, rather than browsing all of the icons in a particular category?

no menu

Having same issue i do not see a menu button

Re: no menu

The menu button refers to a hardware button on the side of your device. Since many Pandigitals lacked the menu button, there was an update that let you assign a volume key to be this button.