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Carryover from Android Market to SlideME

So, I am probably one of many who are moving over to SlideME to follow the -oid emulators from yongzh. I have purchased all of them so far. Now, when I find them using SAM, it says that I have already installed them. This was from Android Market, not SlideME. Currently the prices are free, but will soon be raised to their normal price. What I want to know is if I will be charged for them (again) through SlideME once their price changes from free? How can I tell? They don't appear in my StorageLocker. It hasn't been 24 hours yet, but do only purchased apps appear in my StorageLocker, or all apps? Should I re-download the apps through SAM to register my downloads while they are at their current price? Thanks in advance and sorry for so many questions!

Re: Carryover from Android Market to SlideME

Only applications that you have purchased will appear in your StorageLocker.
There should be a transaction with status completed in your SlideME profile.

Thanks for the reply. What

Thanks for the reply.

What about apps that are free, that I download through SAM, and then are later price changed to something other than free? Will I still be able to get those updates, or do I need to purchase the app at that time?

What about apps that I purchased through Android Market? They are listed as Free in SAM. I can't download them b/c they say they are already intstalled. Will I have to "rebuy" the app through SAM if the price is ever changed from Free?

Also interested

I am also interested in an answer to this question. I bought the -oid emulators on the Android Marketplace and I only made a SlideME account to follow yongzh. I was noticing this exact same functionality of the storage locker. I hope there is some way to keep track of free downloads even after the price is raised!

Free apps are not associated

Free apps are not associated with an account on SlideME since SlideME or SAM does not ask you for login to download free apps.
Free apps can be downloaded from web or SAM with no login.

Therefore any app that has a fee will generate a transaction, therefore a SlideME account is required.

When a transaction/(an app) has a status 'Completed', user is eligible for free updates providing developer does wish to maintain updates and his apps published on SlideME.

There is mention of Android Market purchases and SlideME. These stores are independent of each other.

Near future, free apps will require login to associate free app downloads to an account for better reporting.