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Clearing SlideMe data; what's gonna happen?


I hope this is the right place to post questions!

I have this little problem with my phones internal memory.
It is limited to 500 MB, and I seem to be running outta space!, so I found that SlideMe is occupying 131 MB; 2MB for the app it self, and 129MB for DATA, And there is no ability to move it to SD card!!(I wish I could do that:^( )

Now my question is "what will happen if I cleared the data? and will I lose all the apps that I downloaded from the market?"

And thanks a lot.

Clearing cache data

To clean up the cached data, you can achieve this by opening SAM > Settings > Clear cache
If this does not clear up space, you can try the same from OS side:
Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > SlideME App

None of these actions will cause removal of apps.

Hope this helps.