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Payment Failure

Second time I've tried to purchase an app, second time payment has failed. First time, I contacted support, payment finally accepted after about a dozen attempts in three-four days. No rhyme or reason. Support told me to contact my bank; I did, and there was no problem from their end. Support didn't have any answer for me as to what went wrong...I was just finally able to purchase and download/run the app,

Now, I try again for another app, payment once more fails. Am I gonna have to go through several days frustration again, just to get an app I am glad to buy?

Purchase failure

If your funding source provider rejects the transaction, not much we can do from this end. Your registered payment method is Amazon, so do check the status of the transaction from your Amazon account and share details with Support.


No, I'm not gonna go through that again. Nothing wrong with my bank or The first time I went through this, was enough of a pain. And it cleared up with "no explanation" from support. Now, I'm going through the exact same problem AGAIN. I think Slideme has glitches that support won't admit.

I don't think Slideme is up to snuff, and I don't care to risk any security issues for that reason. So I'm shutting down my account here.


If your card on Amazon is not enabled to support Recurring Billing, then your card issuer will decline such transactions processed from SlideME. Same applies with Paypal or any other payment processor when processing recurring type of transactions which is required for SlideME processing. One-time payments like any traditional shopping carts will work for your card when not enabled for recurring, but this is not the case with SlideME as we are no shopping cart like store.

So what is the transaction status from within your Amazon account on the failed attempts?

How to enable Recurring Billing in Paypal?

I have the same problem. How to enable Recurring Billing in Paypal?

Billing Agreement

To enable recurring billing with Paypal, all you need to do is setup under /billing a Billing Agreement with Paypal, as we see that you have now setup on your account. This can be confirmed from the option to Cancel Billing Agreement from SlideME, or from your Paypal account.

We noticed that you attempted a Direct WebBUY with Paypal which is not a Billing Agreement transaction. Once you have established a Billing Agreement all you need to do is start shopping using the SlideME Market(SAM) app installed on your device.

An important reason why we have introduced the SlideME Wallet and WebBUY options, is due to the fact that Recurring Billing requires your cards to be enabled for such recurring transactions. Some card issuers do not enable cards with such a feature and cardholders need to request to enable if such an option exists for their card types.

Hope this helps.

My payment was also rejected

I have topped my wallet to use for buying apps but when I go to purchase and download from the SAM on my device it says I have not registered for payment options? And tells me my credentials are invalid or bad...what's up?? I have $$ in my wallet but it won't use the balance to pay for the app. am I doing something wrong?
Am I supposed to make the wallet the default or does it automatically pull from the balance or do I still have to authorize and register a payment option even though I have upped my wallet?
Please help!! thanks!

Probable issue

Seems you have topped up your wallet and that looks fine.

Login from SAM, most likely your device date is not set to current date since SSL protocol is seeing it as not trusted. Also, make sure you get the latest SAM by pointing your devices' browser to

If you have funds in your Wallet, you do not need to also set up a payment method since this is used only when you wish to have a Billing Agreement in place for purchases from SAM with no funds in your Wallet.

Few options available. Try this, to test if you can login to your StorageLocker account from SAM > Menu > More > StorageLocker to assure you can connect due to the above stated problem you mentioned.
You can WebBUY from browser if not from SAM, to complete the checkout of a purchase to set transaction status to "Completed". Once "Completed" you can collect from StorageLocker,
Buy from SAM directly and this will debit your Wallet balance.
One tip when buying from SAM, after install, click on DONE instead of OPEN and then seek app to launch it. This expedites app to appear in StorageLocker in case you need to redownload it immediately again (otherwise there is some wait period).

Any sensitive support issues, should be handed over to support staff by issuing a support ticket from

Hope this helps.