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application browser

I have a pandigital 9" ereader. I am have all sorts of problems with. The activitybrowser in the application browser continues too forclose, system really slow,constant warning about secuity certificates not on file or no good.. I am very 'very' computer un educated can u help me. I have down loads. But they won't work. Thank you john koehler.

RE: application browser

Pandigitals have been known to have problems. You can try an older version of our SlideME market app (SAM) for accessing our store: or you can access it through your browser
Anything beyond that we can't really help you with, such as your browser failing, as that is up to Pandigital and you may need to acquire one of their final updates they released for their tablets. Perhaps other Pandigital users can help you with your issues though.