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complicated security check

The security check for the credit card is slow and compicated. I live in Spain (E.U.) and I wanted to buy and download the application on friday. I had to call the bank to see the ammount that you charged to my bank account, in order to pass the security check of my credit card. My bank just made a conversion from euro to u.s. dollar and it was wrong. I tried to call the bank again and it closed in the meantime. Now I have wait till monday, call my bank again, try to find out what was the dollar ammount you charged... and hope this time it will be the right one.

Too complicated.

I was hoping to get something easier and faster when I changed from good old apple system to android... and what I got was unneccessary problems.

Paypal & Amazon Payments are supported


Similarly like Paypal or any other payment service provider require to confirm validity of the cardholder, we also need to do the same for card setups. There is a risk involved for chargebacks, that we need to prevent from being billed to developers.

For all other 'non-card' payment methods supported, there is no such security check since 'others', such as Paypal, Amazon Payments have verified the cardholder themselves. So if you need to buy now, you can setup Paypal or Amazon Payments. If you need to buy now with card, you could contact support and they can verify account holder through other means.