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Verification process and exchange rate

First, love the site and love the fact that there may be a way as a Canadian to purchase apps finally since Google in all their wisdom has locked several countries out of the market so far.

Now, the verification process is a bit frustrating since my card is in CAD and the charge comes across as 1.27 for me. Now, if I check the exchange rate that comes to 1.09. The email I received says I was charged under $1 but even $1USD comes to 1.16CAD which leads me to believe the charge was more than $1 or the exchange rate is way up there.

Just verified my card,

Just verified my card, something is screwy with the exchange rate. But am verified at least.

Good news

Thank you for your positive comments.

We will soon implement a built-in exchange feature, that will ease this card verification process for non USD transactions.

George | SlideME


When will that be.
I also have troubles verifying my card.
Takes forever to show up on statement.



How many decimals do you use in the amount?

I've tried a few times with three decimals close to my calculations (which yields 10 decimals), do I get locked out after a certain number of tries?

use works

Try to get equivalent rate in US Dollars and enter it in two decimal places since its a charge less the $1.00 USD.

Worked for others.


not working

I missunderstood totally, but I still haven't gotten any transaction.

Verification Fails for Valid Card Details

I'm in South Africa, and have tried multiple times, in vain, to verify my card details. I have never before had an issue with paying for goods in US$ before.

Incorrect USD amount


As replied to your support ticket just now, you have not entered the correct amount in USD that was charged on your card. You can not use your local currency charge.

SlideME Team

Card Verification Process


Would like to request that users that are outside of the USA that are having difficulty verifying their card setup charge amount in US Dollars, to send us an email via the contact form their amount they see charged on their statement along with the currency & country they are in.

SlideME Team

card verification process

Sorry I am still very confused by this process. I am in Australia. Do I covert the australian $ amount I was charged on my card to US$ and sent it to you through the 'contact us' process? I have been purchasing from OS for quite a while and this is the first time I have had to go through such a process.

exact charge on your statement

sorry but i don't understand what is this us amount that I have to write in "verification amount" of my credit card.
my is a mastercaard not prebilled.