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Claystone Launcher themes, features, and more updates...

** Themes **

- We just launched our first theme called BlueBerry and added skinning to the features
- We designed and launched a solid business user theme with a clear, crisp interface and colour scheme
- Our goal is to release many themes over the next few months (catching up wit the other launchers)

- Search Android Market fore the keyword "claystone" to install and see all the latest.

** New Features ***

- Besides themes we added sharing functionality and more customization and preferences (a big request from our users)
- Performance and memory management was tweaked and enhanced over a challenging 5 week period of intensive testing, retesting, and responding to user feedback and suggestions
- Launching a new home screen replacement has really been challenging because there are so many solid options already available
- Claystone works on more devices and adjust performance settings to match the hardware capabilities
- Performance can also be adjusted through Preferences if you want to tinker with speed and performance