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Does anyone know if this version has Chinese? Does it work OK?




SlideMe shows that there is an update. But it shows a price with it. Do I have to pay for the updates as well?

App Updates

Applications updates are free. If you are using latest SAM you will see that upon login to purchase a paid application, SAM will check if you have a purchased it before and advise if you will be billed again. But this can only happen once you let SAM login with your credentials to check.

OK. I see. Thank you very

OK. I see. Thank you very much.

Very Nice!!!!

Tried it with Greek-English and it's the best!!!!


Does it support persian? (Persian has 4 characters more than arabic, just it)

Not yet, but if that's only 4

[EDIT] Actually yes it's supported. The 4 extra characters are available with a long press on the corresponding letter

Purchased, but not work Persian/ Arabic

Dear Sir,

I have x10 mini (Sonyericsson) and it runs Android 1.6

As you may know Android 1.6 does not support Persian/ Arabic Characters. Aftre I installed this app, I still can not write and read in Persian / Arabic. Could you help me to fix it please?


hebrew prediction

the words are written from left to right instead of right to left.
please fix this.

Check the option "RTL

Check the option "RTL suggestions" in the language settings

Could you make version 3.0 available for download


Can you make the latest version available for download as soon as possible via I live in a country where paid apps aren't currently available and I would be more than eager to get to try the latest version of this fine keyboard.


How to buy PRO

Hi, how can I purchase the PRO version of this keyboard?
I cannot see any option is the app page to buy or download the PRO version.
And in my Market (Singapore) there is not PRO version available to download or buy. Only free version can be downloaded.
Please advice.

You should read the help page

You should read the help page of SlideME... You need to download the "SAM" application and install it on your phone (there is a link on the right side of this page). You can download and pay from this app

Great keyboard.

I love the keyboard. Can you please add the Portuguese language?

Thank you!

Best keyboard

This is the best keyboard ever for Android. I have tried several others but none is as good as this one is. True multitouch support makes you able to type very fast, and I love the feature that if you long press a key you get the symbol or number, like in the HTC IME keyboard. Oh and it doesn't lag at all!