Reviews of RockOn

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It's OK. i did look the UI, and had no major problems with it. But at the end of day I do need to be able to search my 16GB Micro SD card with a search feature i hope they implement in the future. other things like an actually library view (genre, album, artists) would be nice also.

Why would anyone care about an app that values the album art over all else? How about focusing on, oh, I don't know, the MUSIC?! Playing, sorting, equalizing, you know, silly stuff like that. Pointless app.

Installed on DroidX. Couldn't get it to work properly. Control keys wouldn't show up properly. Couldn't get it to shut off. Eventually ended up deinstalling it.

I installed it on my Droid Eris 2.1 and while it looked good, I wasn't real impressed. The navigation was poor and eventually my album art wouldn't load and, since that's what the app is built around, it was a no go. Had to uninstall. Will keep an eye on it, though, and may try again. Nice looking when it worked.

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