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can not download maps

When I start the programm I need to download the maps. But I can not download because the programm is not compatible and needs an update. What can I do?


Hi..can anybody tell me how to enter the coordinates using the search box..


im just wondering if this application works for my htc-hd7?


I was satisfied with MapDroyd so I decided to give a try to paid NavDroyd. I believe, there is not other combination of offline maps and navigation for this price (~5EUR). Added search and navigation features compared to NavDroyd are nice, however the routing (I do not know if it is the algorithm or simple the bad map segment description in openstreetmaps) is a lot of times horrible. This has to be improved first. Also a "via" point possibility would be nice.

reinstall after firmware upgrade

HI, how can I install application againg after i updated my firmware. I have lost all data on the phone, also instalation file. I still have my invoice from SlideME!

Voice (and signal) guidance doesn't work in Finland?


I was wondering does the voice guidance only work in those countries which languages are included in the software? I've tried to use american english and british english here in Finland but cannot seem to have any voice guidance or even those little arrow indicators which notify from a turn coming up ahead. I've tried it in cruise mode and also in 2D mode. I'm using this app on HTC Desire and phone language is in Finnish. Does this make a difference? If I choose for example English language on the phone the guidance will work?

Maps update problem

Bought fresh version of "NavDroyd v1.2.2a" and cannot use it cause maps update problem.

Map-manager wrote:
"Sorry, your update failed. Try again later.".

Traffic dump shows:
to GET /1/latest/file_infos.txt
from HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

So? How can i use what NavDroyd v1.2.2a ???

Cannot update maps

Have you found an answer?Have the same problem

NavDroyd, no reviews, no discussions - anyone used it ??

Hi I am looking at this product and notice that there is no information on the net about it , reviews... of today 17th June

Its unlikely that I've been the first to see the item..that never happens in real life.

So, can anyone tell me if the product works and if it works in Austalia.


trial before buy ?

Is there a lim
ited time version to try the extra features before I pay?



Trial limited time or with adverts before you purchase.


That's a shame that it is not possible to try this software before you purchase it. This represents a serious impediment to the uptake of this product. If you are concerned that people who try this wount buy it, then that is not a good look for the product's quality. If however you feel that people will not pay for the product after the trial then simply set it up to stop working after a time, they will soon tire of reinstalls every few days. I would like to try this out first.

It is quite new

Hi, this app really is very fresh. When I checked month or so ago, it was still in "coming soon" mode.

It's a paid version of

It's a paid version of MapDroyd that adds 3D perspective, search and turn by turn navigation. The performance is good on my HTC magic. It renders at a few FPS. It finds a route across town within 2-3 seconds, a route across country takes 10-30 seconds.
If area is mapped on it should work. Try MapDroyd to check what info is on the maps. Also if you contribute to OSM within a month it should be added to the next map update. I tried a few apps and I stick with this one for navigation, Maverick for planning and google maps for searching.