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The game for Economy????

The goal is to remove as many marbles as possible by "jumping" one marble over another, either horizontally or vertically. If the technique in this game could be applied in the economy, o yhink iy would be a bit easier for us. Especially in handling the budget for our economy.In modern industrial economies, the budget is the key instrument for the execution of government economic policies. Because government budgets may promote or retard economic growth in certain areas of the economy and because views about priorities in government spending differ widely, government budgets are the focus of competing political interests.As long as someone has been making and distributing goods or services, there has been some sort of economy; economies grew larger as societies grew and became more complex.The third Friday of every June, and March, September and December are referred to as quadruple witching days. Quadruple witching days are days on which the stock market sees a large gain towards the end of the day's trading in four different securities, stock index futures, stock market index options, stock options, and single stock futures. Single stock futures didn't use to be on the list, but were put on the list in 2002 as part of deregulation of the stock market. (We all know how that turned out.) It used to be known as triple witching (likely a reference to the 3 witches in MacBeth), and it means no payday loans no faxing for traders on quadruple witching day.