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Version 1.3

Version 1.3 enables use of the enter key to move from field to field

Version 1.2 released

1.2 properly sets the focus on the first edit box

Tip calculated after tax?

It looks from the screenshot that this app has only one line for total bill amount. That would lead one to believe that it simply adds the tip percentage and divides the total by the number guests. The problem is that it doesn't have an option to calculate tip against the before tax amount, which is what is normally done, and then divide the resulting total by number of guests after tax.

Sales Tax Field added

Thanks for your feedback.

I added a edit box for putting in your sales tax. The calculator will compute the tip on the pre-sales tax figure.

I also added a menu item to save your sales tax so that it populates the field when you restart the calculator.

Download SAM

Download SAM to your G1 phone. This way all apps will appear and easily download direct to your phone.

Then you will see all the apps & gEZTip under utilities where you can do a direct install.


how do i get this app?