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uninstalling apps?

I used SAM to install several apps today on my G1 and now can find NO way to delete them. HELP, how do you delete?

From Main Menu

Google does not allow and third-party applications (such as sam) to delete applications. To do so, you can go under Menu(on G1)/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. You will see a screen pop up listing all applications on your G1. Scroll to the one you want to delete, tap the button. You will see an uninstall button. Click it.

fixed & thank you

well I feel dumb- I was so used to using the Android Market app to uninstall that I assumed it had to be similar with SAM. I'm bummed to hear they won't let you delete, I was hoping someone would write an app that you could drag apps into like removing a shortcut from the home screen, but for deleting, such a PITA to go into the market or the links you gave me to just delete...
thank you again!

yeah but you can still use

yeah but you can still use them in the slide up menu... i want to get rid of them

Sorry to post on this old

< post removed > Sorry for my ignorance :) Never mind.

-- André

Re-Installing application and downloading it

Does SAM store somewhere DL-ed application on Android phones ?
What will happen if I reset my phone and have to re-download my application which i paid for ? Will I be charged again or how ???


This is StorageLocker.

App updates or purchased with status 'Completed' can be downloaded again free of charge.