Reviews of Polaris Navigation

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Great app, would highly recommend it!

I love this app! As a navigation tool, it is the best I've tried. The screens and menus are well organized so I didn't struggle trying to figure out how it works. I love the finger compass. After setting the end-point of my hike with the map I used the finger compass to point me in the right direction and it was dead-on. It is convenient to have multiple options for setting waypoints and the trail recorder works great. Maps are wonderful! Thanks!!!

Wow! What an amazing set of navigation tools. I find this app easy to use and the reporting is EXTREMELY accurate. Setting and reading trails is simple and the waypoint system is great. I especially like the waypoint compass- I've never seen anything quite like it in an android app before. The whole app has a smooth user interface and tons of rich features. Definitely 5 stars. I recommend this app to EVERYONE!

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