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Tourist Objects

You can find hotels, WC, cafe but not museums and tourist's sites

Maps Language

The maps of Russia are on Russian, Israel on Hebrew. How English-language tourist can use this application in non-Englisg-language countries?

Right to Left lang

I don't know about Arabic, but Hebrew is displayed from left-to-right

Street navigation

how can i use this software for street navigation?

and how do you decide online/offline mode?


Map for Jordan

There is no information for Jordan country! When it available?

Does this app work on 240 x

Does this app work on 240 x 320 screen resolution. In other words does anyone know if it works on an HTC Wildfire? If so does it allready contain maps preloaded once i install it, and if not can i download them from within the app or do i need a different app? Thanks guys

Which countries are included

For which countries do you have the maps available? Can i have the country list



:) I am used to garming navigation, how can i use this software for street navigation ?

maps updating frequency

how often are the maps of the countries updated?

Estonia missing

I can't use this app unfortunately, Estonia is missing in the country list.

Estonia is available now!

Use latest version of MapDroyd and you'll find Estonia too.

Manage Maps is not working

downloaded the Mapdroyd app and its nice but for some reason there is an error when I press the managed maps button. I cant download maps. What am I doing wrong? I have downloaded the app thru mobentoo.


you need ContentDroyd - search it on this site